domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

I'm lucky enough

I have met wonderful people here, from different countries, having different languages and customs. They have helped us a lot, from the simpler things to the more heavy ones. We have visited the different places of Laredo, now we are already familiar with the city. The things I have enjoyed most have been the shops and food. For a moment, we found ourselves in the circusmtances of getting more comfortable clothes, for the weather here is awesomely hot. So some friends offered to take us to do our shopping. We have spent many hours going to the huge shops that Laredo provides. We have been invited to eat as well as home-made food as to drink delicious cold coffees. We also went clubbing, and although Laredo doesn't have many clubs as I believed, we had a lot of fun. The sad part of this is that we hardly have free time, and have quite a lot of invitations to go to out and visit the neighbors cities that surround Laredo. I think we will have to work it out, in order to enjoy this lovely country as much as possible.

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2008

satisfied withTexasA&M

Laredo is as wonderful as it ought to be. I'm just happy here. It is amazing to see how everything goes perfectly on. People in the university is very kind, they are always willing to help us. Another thing that I 've also enjoyed is the food, for it is exquisitely spicy. Regarding the climate, I just can say that I love it, by the way, the average temperature here is about 40 degrees. In spite of being that hot, I'm not tanned yet, but my hair does have suffered the concequences of the heat, yeah, it is kind of dry on the ends! Now, as far as the classes are concerned, I can say that they are not too difficult, the problem is that we are taking many courses, so there no much time to study. Likewise, we are new in this city, so we need time to visit the various places that Laredo offers. Going back to the academic part, I think that during our short stay, we have learned a lot, because teachers make us study every day, and they give us enough homework. I don´t enjoy to be engaged in too much work every day, but I have do it. There´s something that has really caught my attention is that Texas A&M, coexis with nature. The University has huge green areas, where we have found different animals, including skunks, wild boars (javalies), raccoons (mapaches), turtles and nice deer. We see them every day roaming freely on the campus. isn´t it great!

domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

My premises

In my first post, that was written in Chile, I share with you my idea of the states, now I'd like to say how far or close I was.

Landscape: I was right, everything is so neat. the state is kind of dry, but you can find lots of vegetation anyway.
University: I was right too. Texas A&M is wonderfully huge, modern buildings, the university staff is incredibly efficient and well organized.
People: in this topic I failed in two things. I 've stated that people maybe were just kind of gentle and rather distant. However once you get here, then I realized that people are is so gentle, that sometimes it is hard to believe. They are not distant, all the contrary, people here is very closed to each other, like in Chile. Very helful and nice. "LIVIANITOS DE SANGRE"
Language: I was far. I haven't heard anybody with that expected southern accent. Most of the population is bilingual, isn't it great? It has been more less difficult to grasp students coloquial chatting. In classes I can understand every single word. COOL!
Food: close. I have luch in the University, and the food is as good as it maybe. There's enough fruit an salad, and of course fatty food as well. What I've enjoyed best it's not pizza, but American pancakes.
Climate: right. HOT, hot and hot. An average of 40 degrees every day. here in Laredo does CAEN LOS PATOS ASADOS.
Shops: close. Not that expensive. There's everything to different budgets. and stores are really well-stocked.
Night life: Dont't know yet. I haven't gone out to any club yet. I'll have to find it out.

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

We ran out of food!!!

I have Jimena as a roommate and we had bought some groceries to cook during these days, since the “casino” is not available yet, but sad point is that our cooking stuff was not sufficient, so yesterday evening we ran of food. Today after doing all of our paper work, we went back to the dorms, to have something to eat; the thing was that we just had yogurt, cereals, some lettuce and one avocado, just fancy! We had to do a lot that minimum of food. After our “super” lunch, we had to go to the Language Institute to take an examination, a sort of test like the Michigan one. Then, and once we finished the test we went to the bus stop to go to a supermarket, that was about 5 p.m., we were just almost starving. Fortunately, our meal plan stars on Wednesday, so I hope things get better by then.

Rain in Texas?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Believe it or not, yesterday and today has been raining here in Laredo, Texas. Today we had to the International bureau to do some paper work; we were also charmingly welcome by everybody. It was great to know that everyone already knew us, no matter for the huge mistake we had made, (rolling in other university instead of TAMIU),or to be the future Chilean teachers, because each person received us with too much affection. We were even personally welcomed by directors, and our professors, who by the way, are called Drs. here in the university. They told us that we had brought the rain to Texas, and that was indeed a blessing, since hardly ever they have rain in this state. In spite of the heavy rain, the temperature was still hot. The climate here is as good as it ought to be, I’m contented enough, since I’m very sensitive to the cold.

Finally in Laredo.

After three exhausting flights we got to Texas and just to Texas because now we had to go to Laredo, which is going to take us seven our, straight way, to get there. Our third flight almost scared me to death; the trip was just plenty of unsteady movements that more than once made me shout. At first I thought that something wrong was going on the plane, but later on I decided to keep still and calm, since the rest of the people on the plane seemed just quiet, with the exception of the rest of the girls, that were as scared as me. Thank God, that flight took us just 40 minutes, and everything went on right after all. Once in Texas Airport, we had to wait for Jannet, the person in charge of international students, she took us to Laredo, that was pretty kind of her, because it is a long trip under too much hot.
I have spent one day traveling, I’ m just worn out, but I know it will be worth it.

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Running out of time, as usual.

Thrusday, August 14, 2008

Today Dad was supposed to take me to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport. By the way, I didn't want anybody went to the airport with me, since I don't like to say good-bye. Anyway back to my story, Dad received a call during the day, so he had to attend a meeting. My cousin offered to go with me to the bus station, but she received a call also, it was her boyfriend, he was "en pana" and asked Natali, to pick him up. She indeed went there and delay a little bit. I told Natali not to rush, because I was still on time, when a little bit later Jimena called me, telling that she was in the aiport and had already gone through the check-in step. I might known! I can trust myself, I'm always late. But at that moment the most sensible thing to do was to keep calm, so we hurry to the subway, and just as we went off the Metro, I immediately managed to catch the bus in direction to the airport, and lo and behold, I was able to arrive still on time. Once in the airport, that it was as crowded as it maybe, I looked for sb to ask what I had to do, fortunatelly I ran into a very gentle an tall man who expained in very detailed way everything to me. I headed to the first step: check-in. I lined-up in a very long row, luckly Kathy told that the man of the check-in had told her that I'd better pass directly, because I was the only one left, so I left the row and headed to the next step: police immigation.